Memorandum of Cooperation on the Digitization of the Commercial Court has been signed

Memorandum of Cooperation on the Digitization of the Commercial Court has been signed

In an official ceremony at the premises of the Commercial Court, Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), and the USAID Programme for Commercial Justice have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on the Digitization of the Commercial Court.

Chairman of KJC – Albert Zogaj, by thanking the Head of the USAID Programme for Commercial Justice, on the continuous cooperation and support in the justice system, has emphasized importance of digitization on the improvement of commercial justice in Kosovo. Mr. Zogaj has expressed the confidence that from the present Memorandum there will be positive and sustainable changes in the commercial judicial system.

President of the Commercial Court Mahir Tutuli, on this occasion by expressing his gratitude on the continuous support since the establishment of the Court by the USAID Programme for Commercial Justice, stated that digitization is an important step towards modernization of the Commercial Court, adding that this project will further strengthen capacities of the Court, and shall provide a more efficient and reliable system for case management.

On the other hand, Chris Thompson Director of the Programme for Commercial Law, has emphasized that the present Memorandum aims to improve the Commercial Court’s approach towards digitization, and create opportunities to increase safety and efficiency in the commercial judicial process.

Memorandum of Cooperation addresses current challenges of digitalization and includes concrete steps in order to improve the commercial judicial system through information technology. Within this cooperation, the Programme aims to focus on the support of the Case Information Management System (SMIL), as the main source of data for complementary processes on administration and management decisions. Through the present Memorandum, Parties harmonize their plans for joint engagement in the process of digitization of the Commercial Court.

Through the present Memorandum, the Programme aims to support the KJC in the digitization of processes in the Commercial Court through various measures, including establishment of the module on the management of performance indicators (KPI), expansion of the Open Data Platform (ODP), data protection or classification, confirmation through Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK)-EDI platform, as well implementation of the mobile application on notification and connection of the Registry of Bank Accounts (RLLB) with SMIL.